Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Else is New in Room 23?

The "No, David" books are helpful when teaching students about making good choices. We created our "Peacemakers and Peacebreakers" chart as a reminder to think about choices before you make them.
We created our "Check 5" but it should actually be our "Check 6" poster, to help us remember what we need to do to be respectful listeners when we are at the carpet. We continue to work on this daily!
 Skip Counting is part of our daily calendar routine. Practice counting objects in groups at home (lego pieces, socks, spoons, coins, etc.)

Important pattern terms.

We have started "Read to Self" and we are working on becoming stronger readers! We have talked about what the students' job is during "Read to Self" and what the teacher's job is.

We have begun to add strategies to our CAFE menu. It is very important to stop and check for understanding when reading a story. Stop every few pages and talk about what is happening in the story.

We are learning new words and songs in French.

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