Sunday, April 30, 2017


We will be wrapping up our final units in social studies and science in May and June. We are excited for the culminating projects based on our learning about Living Things and Connecting With Others.

In science we will be creating a class zoo and each student will research an animal of their choice.  After researching the animal, students will create a non-fiction book about the animal.

In social studies we will be learning to connect with classmates through spirit buddy meetings. The meetings will happen in the morning at the beginning of our day. The idea is for students to have meaningful conversations with their peers and learn more about them. 

We will also be starting some new learning about fairy tales. We will be comparing fairy tales, looking at character traits of certain characters and making connections to the books we read.

Keep an eye out for some of our new art projects we will be completing. Check the blog and Instagram for pictures of our Van Gogh sunflowers and art pieces inspired by Canadian Indigenous artists.

We hope you have a great May and we welcome the warmer weather!!

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